An insight...........

I read this article on FB and thought this was worth sharing : WHY TEACHERS HAVE TO CANCEL A CLASS ?? When there are not enough of paid up registrations before the event, the teachers have to at times make a tough choice to cancel their trip. Too often teachers hear people say “I was going to sign up for that class!” … BUT YOU DIDN'T. The teacher cannot possibly know that all of you are waiting until the last minute to sign up. The other favorite comment is…"are you teaching that class again here? I wanted to take it, but I have other commitments.”. Come on, you made your choice. The teachers cannot possibly come back again to offer the same class in the same area any time soon. When teachers agree to bring classes to you, they have to book flights, book hotels, book a car, gather class supplies, etc. Money starts to add up quickly. Why do we procrastinate so much in signing up for the classes? This needs to change. Next time if you see a class you want, sign up early. Tell your friends. Help promote the classes you are interested in so that the teachers will get enough students to make the trip cost effective. Be understanding when a class is canceled. I promise you that NO teacher wants to cancel a class!