New schedule For NOVEMBER'14

We are coming next to CHANDIGARH & LUCKNOW DATE:1-2 Nov'14 INTENSIVE FOUNDATION COURSE (LEVEL 1) For details please what's app on 08739956666 or email on

New Workshop Dates : Intensive Foundation Course Level 1


Bangalore: 20-2st Sept'14
Mumbai: 27-28th Sept'14
Delhi:4-5th Oct'14
Chandigarh: 1-2nd Nov'14
Hyderabad:15-16th Nov'14

For details: Pl what's app or call on 08739956666 or email on

New Workshops....

New Classes

Whimsical Cakes!!! Teaching in our 'Experts Series'

Sugarcraft India's Level 1

New Schedule

Our new schedule for March & April'14 is here: REGISTRATIONS OPEN NOW!! Hurry & block a spot!! CHANDIGARH: LEVEL 1: 12-13th March '14 CHANDIGARH: CUSHION CAKE:14th March'14 DELHI: LEVEL 2: 19-21st March '14 BANGALORE:LEVEL 1:29-30th March'14 HYDERABAD:LEVEL 1: 1-2nd April '14 MUMBAI: LEVEL 1:12-13th April '14 GURGAON:LEVEL1: 19-20th April '14 For details please EMAIL on SUGARCRAFTINDIA@GMAIL.COM

Sugarcraft India's workshop on cake decorating in Punjab

Sugarcraft India yet again visited Chandigarh city and had people from all over Punjab attend the classes on their Level 1 on Sugarcrafting for Beginners and the Stencils class on 9th January, 2014

Sugarcraft Schedules for 2014

SUGARCRAFT SCHEDULES: MUMBAI Level 3: 19th to 22nd Jan '14 Level 1: 8-9th Feb '14 Cushion cake carving class: 10th Feb '14 DELHI Level 1: 16-17th Feb '14 Stencils class:18th Feb'14 LEVEL 2: 19-22nd March '14 BANGALORE: Level 1: 29-30th March '14 HYDERABAD: Level 1: 1-2nd April '14

New Dates for 2014


Chandigarh 14-15th Dec 2013

New classes for 2013

Level 1 classes for 2013... Don't miss out on this anymore!!! Mumbai:23rd Nov Delhi:8th Dec Chandigarh:14th Dec Registrations ON!!! For details write to

Sugarcraft India's Level 1 in Gurgaon: 19th -20th Oct 2013

Sugarcraft India's Level 1: Gurgaon

Delhi Class Schedule

Cushion Cake class

Level 1 24th May 2013 Batch

Gumpaste Rose in an arrangement

Gumpaste Ranunculus Flower

Exotic Gumpaste Flowers: 5 day class

Workshop Updates

Class updates: 1 spot left for Bangalore batch : 3rd to 5th May 2013 3 spots left for Mumbai batch: 24th to 26th May 2013 Other ongoing registrations: Delhi: 28th to 30th June 2013 Mumbai: 6th to 8th June 2103 Level 2 Mumbai: 10th to 13th June 2013 For registrations, email or call on 08427955398

Bags, shoes and a figurine class

Level 2 April 2013 Batch: New Delhi

Peony flower with butterfly class

We have a added a new class!!! Learn to make a peony flower with a butterfly..

Workshop Schedules

Fondant and Gumpaste Cake decoration CLASS TIMINGS: FULL DAY CLASS FROM 9.30AM TO 5.30 EVERYDAY. BANGALORE BATCH : REGISTRATIONS OPEN LEVEL 1: 3rd to 5th MAY 2013 MUMBAI BATCH: Registrations open... LEVEL1: 24th to 26th MAY 2103 LEVEL 1: 6th to 8th JUNE 2013 LEVEL 2: 10th to 13th JUNE 2013 DELHI BATCH: : REGISTRATIONS OPEN LEVEL1: 28th to 30th JUNE 2013 You can also write to me at

7 years now.... Teaching what I love doing the most... Sugarcraft!!!!!!

Its been 7 years now... Teaching Sugarcraft in India...I have trained more than a 1000 partcipants now....WOW!!! I have always endeavoured to give you the best quality classes at par with international standards. I share my knowledge with you with the drive to help you do it the same way... Ensuring success with everything you attempt to do... The classes have evolved with each year passing by and its much of a joy to see so many people doing very good fondant cakes around... Be it Delhi, Bangalore or Mumbai... Every message that you send to me after attending the classes adds to my energy levels and makes me love what I do...which is teaching what I know best..Sugarcrafting!!!! . . So let those messages and emails keep flowing!! I am very often faced with ' Why are your classes so expensive'? Firstly- I KNOW my recipes are the best.....including the eggLESS ones. The fondant is the tastiest that you can make at home and you also get to know whats going into the recipe....Also its much cheaper than the ready made ones.... !!!! Secondly : I believe in teaching 'skills and techniques' and do not restrict your knowledge to just a certain number of cakes... Your knowledge level after the class takes a big leap and unleashes the creativity inside each one of you...Immediately after the Level 1 you can do flowers and animals and so so much more!!! Last but not the least: I dont compromise on the quality of learning .... Keep batch sizes small to give you personal attention.... And everything that is taught and shared is done with complete transparency..... Do you realise that we spend almost 25 hours over the 3 days with a hands-on learning!!! ****PS: **NO ARGUMENTS WITH COMPETITORS WHO CHARGE LESS or LURE PEOPLE WITH DISCOUNTS...... THEY PROBABLY REALISE WHAT THEIR SERVICES ARE WORTH!!!! ***AND FOR THOSE WHO HAVE GOT INTO A HABIT OF REPLICATING OUR COURSE FORMATS AND COURSE CONTENTS.... IMITATION IS THE BEST FORM OF ADMIRATION... ;) !!!!

Peony with Roses ...

February Level 2 Batch : Mumbai : Stilettos, Designer handbags & Figurines

Delhi Level 1 January Batch Fondant cakes et al

Girly cake by Swati Jain

Harry Potter Cake by Swati Jain