Daisy Birthday Cake

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Dear Friends

I have finally got down to be able to make something and share with all of you.

I have been really pressed for time and thus have not been blogging regularly. I just take this opportunity to thank all my well-wishers and friends for your continual support and encouragement . Believe me its just your love which brings me here and gets me to share with whatever I am able to do. My sincere thanks to all of you once again. I will keep visiting all your blogs and update myself with whatever I have missed so far as early as I can .. :)

I made this small birthday cake for my mother-in-law in all the hustle-bustle that I am surrounded with ... Its a chocolate cake with dark chocolate filling inside and turned out just as I wanted it be ..
nice and moist from inside and not too sweet.. The cake was polished off in minutes and thats the real compliment. :)
I also saw while uploading the photos that before the cake could be clicked the "H" from "Happy Birthday" had been eaten away...No points for guessing as the house has 3 kids and anyone of them could have done that... :) The cake was decorated with a few sugar craft daisies which are really quick to make ...This helped a lot as the very next day it was my daughters birthday as well and pressures of the big party was building up....

Posted on: 7th Feb 2008


Rosie said...

Lovely to *see* your post and I did giggle about the "H" on the cake. It looks so yummy who could resist not one little tempting touch lol

Rosie x

vikash and smita said...

Simple yet very elegant..

krystyna said...

Hi, Sweetsugar!
Your mother-in-law is happy having such talented and lovely daughter-in-law.
Happy Birthday to your mom!